Switch Currency to Australian Dollar

This simple tutorial shows you how to change the main currency in Hikashop to the Australian Dollar (or to whatever currency you may be using in your own online store).

This field allows you to define your currency as Australian dollars.


Clik on Components > Hikashop


Click on Systems > Configuration

Configure Currency Information

configure currency information.png

In the Main tab, click on the green arrow to specify your currency.


Find and click on the Australia dollar link.


You should now see the Currencies screen.


Under the 1) Currency Information section, you can set additional fees as a percentage in the Additional Fee field. This is useful because if your customers pays using a different currency, a percentage fee will apply to their purchases to help offset bank charges and currency conversion fees.

Next set both 2) Published and 3) Displayed to "Yes" so that the Australian currency will be enabled.

Note: before publishing your currency, make sure that all of your payment gateways, such as Paypal, supports your currencies.

Configure your Locale

configure your locale.png

Set the Format with "I" to display the currency code as a symbol (AUD) or "n" to display the currency's symbol ($). Thus %in will display "AUD$"


Here are some other optional settings:
1) Decimal separation: Use "." to display decimal separation i.e. $9.99.
2) Groups separation: Use "," to display group separation i.e $10,000.
3) Symbol and positive value space separation: $ 10 (Yes) or $10 (No)
4) Symbol precedes negative value: $-10 (Yes) or -10$ (No)
5) Symbol and negative value space separation: $ -10 (Yes) or $-10 (No)


Click the Save & Close button to save your settings.


Once you return to the configuration screen, 1) select "$AUD" as the main currency and 2) save your settings.

You have now configured your shop to accept Australian currency.