Display Product Listing

In Hikashop, just like in Joomla, products are displayed via the menu setting. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a menu that will display products in a particular category.



First, log in > menu > Vertical Menu

Vertical Menu

Click on new > HikaShop > Category Listing


After applying the listing the right of the screen will display a link called HikaShop options Click this to personalize how the products listing will be displayed.

Associated module

You will get the “associated module” message. Click on clicking here


As we have too many options we decided to do a special screen for them

You can filter your products so as to only display products in one category. By default, the main product category is selected which englobes all the products. Note that if a product is not directly in the category but in a child category, it won't be displayed unless you change the "Sub elements filter" to "All sub elements".

You can also choose how to display your products by selecting the number of items on one page, the number of columns. You can also choose how each item of the listing will be displayed by selecting the type of item layout and the options below on the right of the screen.

You can find more information about all those options by clicking on the "Help" button while you are on that screen.

After saving this page, your menu is ready to be used :)

Step Instructions

Above: Category listing example.