Change Product Thumbnail Size

This lesson shows you how to change the default size of your thumbnail and image size setting.


In Systems, click Configuration from the dropdown menu.


Select the Files tab.


On the right hand side of the screen, you will see the heading: Images. This section of Hikashop allows you to specify thumbnails, image size and watermark on images.

By default, 1) the barcode image will be used in place of a thumbnail image if an image does not exist. You can 2) change the barcode image to a different image, such as your own logo by choosing a different image from your computer.


Thumbnail Width/Height
You should only set thumbnail settings once, because if you change the size later on, the images can get quite blury and they will also not automatically resize. By default, these values will be used on listings of categories and products AND on the product page.

For example, a good size thumbnail size setting is 160px x 120px, but you can define any size you like.


Product Page Image Width/Height
Next, set your Product Page Image. This is the image that people will see when they view your image, after clicking on a link.

A good width/height to use is 230px by 190px, but feel free to use an image size that suits your needs.


Image Width/Image Height
The image width and height refers to the maximum width and height for images in the products page. These settings apply to "zoomed" images and to current category image. When you upload a file, if the images are bigger than the sizes specified here, they will be automatically resized. Leave these fields blank if you do not want to specify a size.

A good setting to use is 760px by 480px, but again test this and resize to a size that suits you.

media 1358742490360

Once you are happy with your image sizes, click Save & Close to save your settings.