Each of our website design package is completely responsive (viewable on phones/tablet devices), and it's further customised so that you can update and easily manage your content.

How Much Does it Cost?

Please check our rates below to get an idea of how much our copywriting service will cost. Typically, the higher the word count, the less we charge.

100 Words at .15 cents = $15 600 Words at .12 cents = $72
200 words at .15 cents = $30 700 Words at .12 cents = $84
300 words at .15 cents = $45 800 Words at .12 cents = $96
400 words at .12 cents = $48 900 Words at .12 cents = $108
500 Words at .12 cents = $60 1000 Words at .12 cents = $120

Features and Benefits

Rewrite your Articles Until you are 100% Satisfied!

Rewrite your Articles Until you are 100% Satisfied!

If there's something that you don't like about the content, we're happy to rewrite it until you are 100% satisfied.


Written by Native English Speakers

The benefits of using us for your copywriting service is that our writers are native English speakers. Not only can they write on any subject, they will also polish and shine your copy until it flows seamlessly..


CopyScape Checked!

Our is articles is guaranteed to pass Copyscape, which means that your content is 100% unique and free from plagiarism.


High quality SEO Article

If you have a service or product to sell, your business will be competing with hundreds of thousands of other sites. This may seem daunting, but it needn't be. We can help you to succeed by creating content that is both keyword rich, and that will engage and motivate your audience to take action.


Premium Quality Copywriting—Delivered On Time, And Custom Crafted To Exceed Your Expectations

When we launched Aaamazing, we focused on solving our client’s needs for outstanding website design—but we quickly found that there was a need for ongoing copywriting services too.

In fact, 80% of our client’s projects are delayed because they do not have access to the premium quality copy they desire. Even those who attempt to produce their own original copy, find the process to be difficult and frustrating—and that their time would be best spent elsewhere within their business. This is what led us to expand our services!

After you have Aaamazing design your fully optimized website, you can keep coming back to us for your ongoing copywriting needs. We provide copy for a wide range of online and offline professional needs. This includes, but is not limited to:
Website Content
Blog Posts
Sales Material
Marketing Materials
Email Marketing Content
Social Media Marketing Copy
And Much More!

All of our copy is written by our talented staff of native English speaking writers. Whether you are in need of new copy, or updated and refreshed copy—reach out to us today to discuss your copywriting needs!

What is a Copywriter?

Copy writers are writers who produce written word for the main purpose of advertisement and belief swaying. Copy writers not only produce original literal pieces, but they research effectively to produce awe inspiring articles for the purpose of news and other publications. Copy writers pen there name from the original meaning; to write copies of published work. The copies are not to be plagiarised, instead they should encompass the entirety of the vital information but in an original manner. Copy writers tend to span out their writing abilities into multiple sectors, and are most commonly employed for the purposes of advertising products and services, using apparently unbiased, original articles, often jam packed with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keywords to help the page gain organic reach. (The organic reach is the unpaid audience: e.g. regular people who click on the page, directed only from a search engine or non-commercial hyperlink.)

The Benefits of Hiring a Copywrite

A copywriter can do a number of jobs for you, all of which can boost your business, brand, product, website, or even your name.  Compiling the main features into a list should help you understand the basic benefits, and aid you in making an educated decision regarding hiring a copywriter.

  • Copywriters can boost the organic reach of your website.

Copywriters who specialise in the advertisement sector know how to make your page rankings climb. Your page rankings are directly correlated in Google; the higher the ranking= the closer to the top of the results= the more clicks.

  • They can write about any subject in the world: Bringing unexpected, welcome traffic.

Pages often get the most clicks because of the revolutionary subjects they discuss, and the knowledge that they capacitate: a copywriter can encapsulate all of the same information into an article for your site, in an un-plagiarised and interesting way.

  • They’re professional writers: Business literature communicates to the customer perfectly.

Copywriters have a way with words. This ‘way’ can be incorporated into every aspect of your business; meaning that all of your words flow seamlessly, giving your brand an unrivalled social edge.

  • Many work for hire: Their knowledge and articulation is encapsulated into your brand.

Many copywriters will work unattributed, this means that you can put all of their work in your own name, or the name of your business; this gives the illusion of you having professional writing skills and concise articulation.

  • They know how to advertise: Boosting your reputation.

You could hire a copywriter for the purposes of advertising your brand; an established writer may even put the work on their own popular blog. It will appear unbiased and honest, but in reality it will advertise you and boost your reputation.

  • They can handle ALL literature: Giving you cutting edge features and professionalism.

Many copywriters are online gurus; they know how to run the published side of a business, this doesn’t just include the words. They know precisely how to build your online image. They can even handle the communications with customers.