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Setting up your Availability on Google Helpout Listings

Setting up your Availability on Google Helpout Listings

Image: That Hartford Guy

It's pretty easy to get up and running once your Google Helpout listing gets approved. Most likely, you would have already got a confirmation email that your listing has gone "live" and you would have taken the steps to set it up. But if you're a bit stuck with Google's instructions, or you'd rather have a visual, step-by-step guide, than this tutorial is for you.

No times found.

If I do a search for the term related to my helpout, I will be able to see that it is listed, but that it has a "No times found" message under "Next available time".

Live listing

Sign into Google Helpout and go to "My Listings", then click on the title of a live listing to set your availability. After clicking on this link, you should see the full page of your listing.

There are two ways to set your availability - as "Available now" or "Aviliable later".

1. Set Google Helpout to "Available Now

Scheduling your availability

By default, your Helpout is set to "Available Later". Setting your Helpout listing so that you can go “live” and make yourself instantly available is pretty straight forward. You will need to:

1) click on and change the default button on the top, right hand side of the screen.
2) and change Available now to Yes

2. Set Google Helpout to "Available Later"

Click to Edit schedule.

Setting your Helpout listing to "Available Later" just means that you can schedule to give help on days and times suited to your schedule.

Click on the "Edit Schedule" button on the right hand side of the screen.

Editing a pop up calendar.

The pop-up calendar allows you to set your avaliability.

1) Click Add availability or anywhere on a day of the week and a pop-up will prompt you to schedule when you are available.
2) By clicking the Repeat every week on you can also repeat the same time every week.

Once you're done setting your time, just click the "X" to close the calendar. Your selected time will show up under "Your Avaliability" as well as on your live listing.