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Muting or Blocking in Google+ - What's the Difference?

Muting or Blocking in Google+ - What's the Difference?

Are you confused by muting and blocking posts in Google Plus? Well, you're not alone, and this article tells you why they're different and explains which ones to use.

Let's use the story of Tom, a typical Google+ user to illustrate the differences betweening blocking and muting. For our example, Tom signs into his Google+ account and navigates to the "What's Hot" stream. The What's Hot page is generally what Google considers "interesting, exemplary and serendipitous information".

Tom scans the different posts, he stops to read the funny meme below (a meme is usually a humour-centred, viral idea). He laughs at the joke behind the post, writes a quick comment and continues to read other posts.


As this post has gone viral, new comments and +1's have been added to the post. It's not long before Tom gets flooded with notifications from Google+. In this scenario, Tom can do three things to this post - mute, block or Turn Off What's Hot


If you constantly receive notifications such as comments and +1's from the same post, you can easily mute the post. What muting does is that it tells Google+ not to send you any further updates from that post. Furthermore, muting a post also mean that you will not be notified of +name mentions again.

In Tom's case, he simply doesn't want any more notifications and comments from the same post. This is how he can mute it.



Each Google+ post has a 1) dropdown menu. Simply click on 2) Mute post to mute the selected post.

You can also go to a persons profile and select to mute them (see blocking below). Muting their profile will mean that you stop getting notifications from them, but you can still see their posts in your stream.


Blocking people or pages is a more serious option, and it should be done as a last resort. In Tom's case, it means that he won't get any more notifications if he blocks the offending post. It also means he will not see any more comments and posts, and the person will be removed from his circle.

Here's a run down of the consequences of blocking and what it means:

  • The blocked person cannot +mention your name,
  • They cannot comment on any of your post.
  • They cannot see your comments in other people's posts.
  • They cannot see your posts, even if you've made them public.
  • They will be removed from your circles and extended circles.
  • The person you blocked cannot join any future hangouts that you are in
  • You cannot join a hangout where the person you blocked has joined.

Blocking a person or page is enough to stop any further communications.



To block a person or page, simply go to their profile, 1) dropdown and select 2) Report/block