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How to Verify Google Wallet Payments

How to Verify Google Wallet Payments

One of the trickiest thing about using Google Helpout is trying to verify payment made through Google Wallet (the default platform were your Helpout earnings are kept) into your Australian bank account.

The Problem

Add account screen in Google Wallet.

In order for you to receive earnings from your Helpouts, you will need to verify that your bank account is set up correctly. Google will make a small deposit within 2-3 working days into your bank account, you will then need to verify this amount in your Google Wallet setting.

If you try to ask your bank manager for help, he'll tell you that all you need to do to receive money from the USA is to give out the name of your bank, the SWIFT code, the BSB and your account number. However, when you try to add your bank details, the form will not submit. In Australia, our banks don't use the terms Bank code and Branch code, which is why the form will not validate.

The way around this is to enter your BSB into these two fields.

The Solution

Split the BSB into two parts.

The solution is pretty easy, split your six digit BSB number into two parts (in general most Australian banks have 6 digits, though some may have more due to mergers and acquistions).

Enter the first three digits into the Bank code field, and the second set of digits into the Branch code field as shown above. When ready, click on the submit button and your form should validate.

Once your form submits and you receive your deposit, go back to Wallet and verify the deposit.