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The 3 Rules for a Winning Website

When I started my business, there were two things that I needed to get done to launch and promote my business. The first thing on my “to-do” list was to get lots of business cards printed, which was easily done. The second thing was to build a new website, but this wasn’t so straight forward – even for someone who builds websites for a living! Here are three important things that I advise my clients to do when building a business website:

Rule #1 - Use a Good CMS

Most web designers will build your website using one of three popular Content Management Systems (CMS) - Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal. Wordpress is an easy to use, popular blogging platform with a large number of themes and plugins. Drupal is a programmers tool, it is mainly used to run enterprise level websites. Joomla sits in-between Wordpress and Drupal in terms of functionality. It’s easy to use, yet powerful enough to run the world’s most visited websites such as MTV, Ikea, and the Australian High Court – making the ideal platform for business use.

Rule #2 – Go for a Minimalistic Look

Studies have shown that the average internet user spends just 8 seconds when they visit a new website. Websites like Google, Wide Angled and Purity understand the importance of staying minimalistic, that’s how they keep their visitors coming back for more.

Rule #3 - Use a Commercial Template Provider

Many web designers, including the high end, boutique agencies, begin their projects by using commercial templates. Templates that are designed for Joomla are easy to configure, and if you get stuck, there open forums and programmers ready to assist you.

Finally, and perhaps the most important rule of all is to find a reliable local web designer. Find someone who is trustworthy, and who will provide you with on-going support – this level of support will make a huge difference to your online success.